Christmas at West Orchard

At the moment some of our services are recorded and available on youtube.  Some CDs and transcripts are available for these and distributed to members of the congregation.  Please let us know if you would like a copy.  Before the November lockdown we had started holding some services back in the church.  Our next one will be on Christmas Day.

Sunday 20th December, the service will be available on YouTube

Monday 21st December.  A service for the Longest Night, this will be a special service when those who have lost loved ones recently and in years gone by can remember them and reflect. This will be similar to our Remembering Service.  It is suggested that in order to feel a closeness with those taking part we should all try and watch it together beginning at 7.30pm.  The service will be available on YouTube

Christmas Eve, 24th December.  The service will include Holy Communion.  The service will be available on YouTube.

Christmas morning at 10.30am, live worship in the Sanctuary of West Orchard.

If you want to come to the service on Christmas morning please get in touch to reserve a place as they are limited.  The form here may be used for this.


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