Corona Virus Update

Although there is some light at the end of the tunnel and  with distancing measures still in place the Church building is still closed but that doesn’t mean the Church itself is closed.  Anything but.

You can find Sunday services from the URC here

There is also a Sunday service from West Orchard and Warwick Road Churches on Youtube each week.  Subscribe to the Youtube channel or just search for “West Orchard” on Youtube.

For those without access to the internet we are also making these available on CD with a printed copy of the order of service.  Please get in touch if you would like copies of these for yourself or a relative.

The congregation and friends are also invited to join a Zoom session for prayer and reflection.  These are held each Tuesday at 11:00 am and from June every other weekday at 9:00 am.  Again please get in touch if you would like details of how to join these sessions.

God Bless

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