Our Elders

The day-to-day running  of the church and its activities are organised by the Elders. The Elders join the Minister in leading the Church,  meeting together regularly to pray, discuss and plan on behalf of the congregation and their community.  We have about 15 Elders, each one chosen and elected on behalf of the congregation.

The Church Secretaries are chosen from the Eldership and join with the Minister in detailed planning and vision setting. Our Church Secretariat consists of four people who look after different areas of church life – the Church meeting, the Elders’ meeting, Administration and Core Groups.

The Elders come from all spheres of life, each one called by God to work with our local congregation in this unique way. They are diverse in their ‘day jobs’ – our current Eldership has amongst its number accountants, teachers, scientists, musicians, administrators and the retired. They give their time voluntarily to serve God, through this local church.