Women’s Breakfast – 8th October

One Saturday a month, a merry band of up to twelve women, undaunted by getting up ‘early’ at the weekend, meet together to share breakfast and fellowship. Just bring along any breakfast food to share, there is always more than enough.
It is an opportunity to offer each other encouragement and a listening ear as we share our good times and our tough times, laughter and tears. We spend the last 20 minutes with an activity to nurture our spirit and soul and always end in prayer for concerns shared as we talk. There is no obligation to talk, you can just listen and eat too.
All women, of all ages will be made very welcome, whether from West Orchard family or further afield. As with all Church groups, we find we build deep friendships, which sustain us and enrich the Church fellowship as a whole. Nobody comes every time, come when you can. We promise that it is always worth getting up for!
The next dates for your diary/calendar are:
8th October in the Small Hall.
5th November at 9.30am at the King’s Table, Kenilworth.
10th December in the Small Hall.

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